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Tailor made
Coolant lubricants and grinding coolants

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Tailor made
Cooling lubricants


Thanks to the use of high-purity ingredients in Graconol as a volatilizing cooling lubricant, the component can be processed directly without cleaning. This guarantees a high degree of precision and surface quality, especially for demanding components such as those from the aerospace, automotive and other sectors.

What are the advantages of machining with Graconol as a cooling lubricant?

  • Additional cooling effect through evaporation ensures longer tool life at higher feed rates and infeeds.
  • Clean, dry workpieces that can be further processed (welding, anodizing, etc.) directly and without washing.
  • Easy and time-saving cleaning of the machine, as the chips are dry and no residues of the cooling lubricant adhere to the machine.
  • Economic as well as ecological recycling of aluminum chips – no residues.
  • Sustainable, since renewable resource.

Areas of application

  • simple heavy machining
  • Turning, milling, drilling, sawing
  • Can be used on individually filled machines as well as central systems

Graconol WM – Concentrate (6 to 8%)

Graconol WM is an innovative and label-free high-performance cooling lubricant in the form of a water-miscible concentrate. For use with all materials.
At a concentration of 6% – grade 0 (no corrosion). DIN 51360/2.


  • label-free and boron-free
  • very economical due to high dilutability
  • to be used for machining steel, cast iron, high-alloy steels and aluminum
  • Good technical stability and long emulsion service life
  • good cooling and rinsing capacity
  • good anti-corrosion properties
  • stable emulsions with make-up waters from 10 °dH to 30 °dH
  • Emulsions are stable in use up to water hardnesses of 60 °dH

Fields of application:

  • for general machining, e.g. turning, milling, drilling, sawing
  • can be used on single-filling machines as well as central systems

Observe instructions on label and EC safety data sheet! Our technical specifications have been prepared carefully and to the best of our knowledge. Due to the large number of possible influences during the processing and application of the products, they do not exempt the processor from carrying out his own conscientious tests! No legally binding assurance of specific properties or suitability for a specific purpose can be derived from our information. Existing laws and regulations must be checked and observed by the user of our products on his own responsibility before use.

Mineral oil content: approx. 45
PH value 5%: up to 9.9 – decreases during use
Corrosion protection DIN 51360/2 6% – grade 0 (no corrosion)
Refractometer factor (%/°Brix) 1

Areas of application

  • from 6 % light – medium chip removal: (60 ml concentrate + 940 ml make-up water) – cast iron, steel and aluminum
  • from 8 % medium – heavy chip removal: (80 ml concentrate + 920 ml mixing water) – all other metals and alloys
  • Turning, milling, drilling, sawing
  • Can be used on individually filled machines as well as central systems

Graconol ECO

Graconol ECO is a synthetic, mineral oil and nitrite-free high-performance universal abrasive coolant/grinding concentrate, which is preferred for grinding operations due to its exceptionally good corrosion protection properties. Extremely low foam ensures problem-free tracking of the sanding processes.

The product has very good grinding and rinsing properties with high corrosion protection and long emulsion service life in both soft and hard preparation water.

Areas of application: Surface finishing, e.g. grinding, deburring, sharpening

Materials: Graconol ECO has been specially developed for heavy-duty grinding of ceramic, steel and cast iron surfaces, as well as plastics and non-metals

Economy: As it is a concentrate that is mixed with water at only 6-8%, this results in an extremely economical price/liter

Cooling & rinsing capacity: Extremely good rinsing & cooling capacity with high thermal conductivity

Service life: High technical stability and long service life are guaranteed when used properly

Composition: Aqueous emulsion

Concentrations: The following concentrations can be used as a guide for mixing with mixing water: Cast iron, steel and aluminum: 6 % / Grinding: 10 %

Shelf life: Graconol ECO has a shelf life of 24 months at a temperature of 5oC40oC

No explosion hazard according to EU A.14

Viscosity: Graconol ECO (concentrate) has perfect flow properties. Prevents the formation of foam, depending on the concentration

Health: synthetic, skin-friendly, low-foaming and without added halogens



Graconol WM

Graconol ECO

Prices & Safety data sheet

Prices & Safety data sheet

If you are interested in our products or if you would like to receive the safety data sheets or price lists, please send us a short message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



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