• Additional cooling effect through evaporation ensures longer tool life at higher feed rates and infeeds.
  • Clean, dry workpieces that can be further processed (welding, anodizing, etc.) directly and without washing.
  • Easy and time-saving cleaning of the machine, as the chips are dry and no residues of the cooling lubricant adhere to the machine.
  • Economic as well as ecological recycling of aluminum chips – no residues.
  • Sustainable, since renewable resource

Safe handling of ethanol as a cooling lubricant:

Due to the chemical properties of Graconol, certain requirements must be met and instructions followed during processing. Information on this can be found in the operating instructions for your milling machine, e.g. on the following points:

  • Milling of non-sparking materials.
  • No ignition source in and on the machine.
  • Sufficient air exchange according to the operating instructions in the production environment.
  • Storage conditions on the machine: Only in unbreakable containers with a maximum capacity of 10 liters each (according to TRGS 510 point 4.2).
  • Unrestricted operation of the fans of the machine.